GO Ms. Tree


Booster Recovery Covers
Description Date
Iridium 1 booster landed on the 'Just Read the Instructions' 14 January 2017
Crew Dragon DM-1 booster landed on the 'Of Course I Still Love You' 2 March 2019
JCSat-18 booster recovery by the 'Of Course I Still Love You' 16 December 2019
Crew Dragon DM-2 booster returned to CC (description incorrect) 7 August 2020
Starlink L12 booster recovery by the 'Of Course I Still Love You' 6 October 2020
Starlink L16 booster recovery by the 'Just Read the Instructions' 24 November 2020
Starlink Group-2 booster recovery by the 'Of Course I Still Love You' 13 September 2021
Starlink Group 4.9 JRTI returns booster to CC 7 March 2022
Starlink Group 4.10 booster recovery by the 'A Shortfall of Gravitas' 9 March 2022
Miscellaneous Recovery Covers
Ship or Activity Datei  and Comments
SpaceX Fleet leaves for Arabsat 6A Booster Recovery 1 April 2019
Mr. Steven Sea Trials 8 April 2019
Crew Dragon explodes during ground test 20 April 2019
Go Navigator Upgrades 24 April 2019
Mr. Steven Sea Trial 30 April 2019
Mr. Steven Receives a New Net and Performs Sea Trials 27 May 2019
Mr. Steven Renamed GO Ms. Tree 13 June 2019
SpaceX Fleet Departs for STP-2 Recovery 17 June 2019
GO Ms. Chief Delivered - 2nd Fairing Catcher 10 August 2019
Crew Extraction Rehearsals 13 August 2019
Crew Extraction Rehearsals 15 August 2019
SpaceX Fleet Departs for Starlinj Recovery 8 November 2019
SpaceX Fleet arrives for abort test 18 December 2019
Crew Dragon recover after abort test 19 January 2020
Final Test (27th) of Crew Dragon's parachutes 1 May 2020
Retirement of GO Ms. Chief and GO Ms. Tree 6 April 2021
Two New Recovery Ships Named Doug and Bob 12 September 2021
Fairing Recovery Covers
Mission Date Description
Recovery Test 30 March 2017 SES 10 fairing recovery test successful for one half
Amos 17 6 August 2019 One half fairing recovery by Ms. Tree
Starlink L5 20 March 2020 Ms. Tree & Ms. Chief return with fairings
Starlink L10 20 August 2020 Recovered fairings returned to Cape Canaveral


Notes General:
i ) GO stands for the company name that operates the ships 'Guice Offshore'

Notes Other:

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